Our selection of wines has been crafted to appeal to all tastes. From crisp, dry whites to sweeter, fruitier styles, classic reds to rich, smooth fortifieds, you are sure to find a favourite (or three) among our diverse range. If you would like any personal help making your selection you can contact our cellar door on 02 4998 7766 any day of the week, or drop us an email to admin@sobelswinery.com.au

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Special Oak Aged Muscat
$70 each
Port & Tawny Special Oak Aged Muscat
An intensely flavoured aged Muscat - raisined, rich and smooth with complex flavours of coffee and spice. Amazingly powerful ... one sip goes a long, long way ...
Special Oak Aged Tawny
$75 each
Tawny Special Oak Aged Tawny
The best things in life take time… A complex nose offering layers of “Christmas pudding” richness: raisins, dried fig, toffee and dark chocolate, overlaid with a subtle smokiness. The palate is a perfect balance of powerful mouth-filling flavour with a buttery softness, leaving a rich and satisfying lingering aftertaste.
Special Oak Aged White Tawny
$75 each
Port & Tawny Special Oak Aged White Tawny
A medley of dried stonefruits, butterscotch, burnt toffee on a palate of mouthfilling smoothness with the satisfying, lingering flavours of crème brulee.
$35 each
Port & Tawny Tawny
Classic combination of fortified Cabernet aged in old oak. Enjoy with aged cheese and before bed!
White Fortified
$35 each
Port & Tawny White Fortified
Blended Chardonnay and Semillon, fortified with brandy spirit and barrel aged solera-style. Sweet and smooth with notes of honey, roasted hazelnuts and caramelised pear.